What is Peshtemal Towel?

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Peshtemal Turkish Towel

Peshtemal is a originally Turkish towel which calls fouta, turkish beach towel, turkish bath towel and hammam towel. Peshtemal is produced in Turkey, especially in Denizli region from high quality Turkish cotton. Peshtemal towels are not ordinary terry cloth.

Peshtemal towel is popular

Peshtemal towel has become a raising trend in many countries around the world: Especially USA, UK, Europe and Australia. People from all over the world use peshtemal instead of terry cloth in their homes now. Because peshtemal towels have many advantages.

Peshtemal towels are well designed, flat-woven, velvety soft, lightweight, super absorbent, drying fast, sand free, 100% cotton, takes up little space, easy to clean, easy to carry.



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